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CPM standard now available

ETSI has published the first version of the Collective Perception Service standard containing the definition of the collective perception service and the message to be used. This standard is based on the previous technical report on the same topic (TR 103 562).

Collective Perception involves sharing safety-relevant information (generated by sensor systems) about the perceived environment of an ITS-Station mounted e.g. on vehicles or on the infrastructure. It will make use of the service channels available for ITS beyond the SC0 used by Day 1 services.

The Austrian pilot operation of CPM provided valuable insights during standardisation. This pilot features infrastructure-based CPM in a multi-sensor environment that provides object detections to vehicles in a tunnel entry situation. The pilot deployment has been successfully completed, a prerequisite for profiling the new CPM standard in the European C-ROADS platform in order to harmonise the usage of specific elements of the standard among European infrastructure operators.

We would like to thank the rapporteur and the involved ETSI members for the years of hard work and important contributions. This standard is one important piece of work towards a stable Release 2 of ETSI standards and is a fundamental contribution for the definition of infrastructure support services for automated driving. The next step is the profiling of the standard by organizations such as the Car2Car and C-Roads.